Pension Auto Enrolment Service

We are ready for Auto Enrolment are you?

We can take care of everything in relation to the Workplace Pension

The Law on Workplace Pensions has changed. As Employers and Direct Payment Service Users you are now legally required to:

  • Provide a Workplace Pension Scheme for your employees
  • Comply with all requirements of Auto Enrolment legislation
  • Make employer contributions.

The Comprehensive Solution we provide for Service Users

  • Set up a Pension Scheme compatible with our Payroll software
  • Register the Pension Scheme with the Pensions Regulator
  • Produce all statutory letters and communications
  • Assess and auto-enrol your workers
  • Manage Opt-in and Opt-outs requests
  • Calculate and deduct employer and employee contributions
  • Complete Pension Declaration of Compliance
  • Maintain statutory records

For further information on our Auto Enrolment Pension Service, please contact us on 01274 787800 or


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